Set Modeler: Johnathon Wilson
After we got the credentials to host internships from California State University at Chico in 2015, we took on two interns in a pilot program that Summer. The second to arrive on the project was Johnathon Wilson.

By then, we'd already been doing so well, we were slightly ahead of where we'd planned to be!

So most of the work Wilson has done for the project will be seen near the beginning of "No Children in Space, Part 2", our 2nd episode, which includes a variety of sets in a "media montage" sequence addressing the public reaction to sending a child on her way to the Moon. In fact, Wilson is at least partly responsible for all of those sets (although they do incorporate a lot of BlendSwap elements).

This was a pretty significant challenge for a new modeler fresh out of college and newly-learning the open-source Blender package (most schools teach proprietary packages like Maya, and Chico is no exception). But Johnathon did an excellent job!

Even so, we decided to wait on taking on any more interns after the Summer 2015 experiment.  Management and coordination were tricky, and we found that it was hard to scale our production up to a faster pace with more people. This was a primary motivator in the decision to setup a new project management and pipeline system -- we spent quite a bit of time researching that, and hope to implement the new system in 2018. After that, we'll have to see if we can renew our status with CSU Chico.