Set Up: Auto-Save
I'm not going to share all the separate menu screenshots.  These posts get long fast enough.

This is the first submenu you see, when you enter this section of the MCCC UI, Use Auto-Save.   

Of course, I'm going to Enable Autosave.  It's one of my favorite things MCCC offers. (The first of many I'll be pointing out along the way.)

(Data taken from MCCC 4.0.0 and Sims 4 version 1.37.35) 

MCCC has two menu styles, shown above, with buttons that show both the [Default] and >Selected options, and below, with a text entry field.  

Current Save Number is controlled by MCCC.

I don't personally see any reason to change the Hex setting, the Interval Amount, or Show Confirmation.

Interval Type I change to Sim Hour.  I'm such an avid saver, that's the only one I can use and see something actually happen.

Each of the different interval types are detailed in the settings table.  See the bottom of this post for a screenshot and link to their page on Deaderpool's Tumblr

Max Save Number (see 2nd picture above) I set on 10.  I'm a HUGE fan of backups and extra copies.  

Here's how a file saved by MCCC looks in your /saves folder:

Between that setting and the Sim-Hourly saves, it's rare for me to lose more than an hour's worth of gameplay, if I decide to reload because something happened that I wasn't thrilled with.

Name?  MC Save works fine.  But I changed mine to EG Save, just because I could.  

Please let me know in Comments if you have any questions.

Settings Table:

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