Life is full of setbacks often, such as rejections, break-ups, depression, etc..  How do you deal with them?  I think you just have to disengage yourself from all those that are negatively consuming you and your energy and that is not contributing to your life.  Time will eventually help you get over it, but you still have to be strong and have faith in yourself even when you think that noone else is supportive.  In this life, you are not here to please others or make others happy at the expense of your own happiness, peace and well-being.  This is not being selfish again, this is self love and self-care.  

The things that I have been through, really constantly test me on all these things all the time... I just have to keep believing in myself and keep reminding myself to be strong and to think positively amidst all these negativity, unsupportiveness and my depression.  

There are people who will challenge your resolve, your positive thinking and get upset at you for being depressed even and you just have to keep being strong and believe in yourself.  Because, at the end of the day, what matters is really how you feel, and not what others think.   I would rather be happy and unpopular than unhappy and popular! 

Another mass shooting has happened in Florida after the Las Vegas incident and it has to do with AR-15 again.  AR-15 should be banned because those are weapons of wars and not needed for self-defense or hunting.  However, there was a poll conducted that shows not many support the ban of AR-15.  Not supporting ban of AR-15 is pretty senseless and those who support that are senseless too...  There are many people who still support senseless things, that is the reason why all these senselessness continues... Give me one good reason to have AR-15? 

Life is what you make it to be.  You reap what you sow.  If you don't want to study, you won't get good grades.  If you don't watch your diet, you won't be eating healthy foods.  If you don't exercise, you can't keep fit. If you don't keep believing in yourself and have faith, then you won't. If you don't think positively, then it won't be positive.  So, don't tell me all these are not true.  Don't.