Seth Gets A Haircut for Cancer
Hi friends!  It's been a crazy summer. I'm glad things are finally starting to wind down, and I can get back to work in my studio making videos and music for you!  This is a bit of a special one.  I had a wild night last week.  I just couldn't fall to sleep after my daughter woke me up in the middle of the night.  All I could think about was cutting my hair. I've been thinking about this since Roc4Tim, a fundraising event here in Rochester where a whole bunch of bands got together for Tim Avery, a sweet hearted and hard working promoter who was diagnosed with cancer a while back.  I'm happy to say Tim is in remission and quite active on the scene again.  I had considered cutting my hair on stage that day as a statement and a gift to those suffering from cancer.  I didn't end up doing it that day, but I've had the idea stuck in my head for quite some time, and it finally came to form.  

I'm sending the hair to Children With Hair Loss, a not-for-profit organization who help kids suffering from Cancer, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Burns, etc.  It feels good to do something useful with that mop!  I feel a bit naked now that it's gone, but I'm very glad to give.