SETI and KSP 1.1.x
Although KSP 1.1 was prereleased for bug testing, squad still decided to release it in an unfinished state and then patch (and even shadow-patch) it multiple times.

Together with the insights into squad business practices (eg, I decided to wait for a stable version (1.1.2 is still problematic for a not so small number of peole) until resuming full development.

For reference, take a look at this poll from last sunday, about 25% saying "I'm playing KSP 1.1.x despite frequent bug related issues and/or bugs affecting the way I play".

The KSP 1.0 version dance was not what I wanted to do again, especially since I m now maintaining 8 mods or so.

Unfortunately 1.1.3 (and thus stable KSP 1.1.x) is still not here...

On the other hand, we reached the 24$ patreon goal and thus I planned some time for KSP next sunday.

My primary focus will be the new RemoteTech, since that one is the only mod not working with a standard manual install at the moment (and the new settings format has different options and so on), and then take it from there.

I also plan to update the patrons lists in the forum thread and the download locations on the next sunday!

Thank you very much for your support!

Best regards and hoping for KSP 1.1.3 coming soon,