Setting the scene:
The rare, often controversial, diagnosis of D.I.D.  is often linked to a traumatic childhood event, often leaving its mark by episodes of dissociation - an alter-ego (Alter) usually several, form from the shattered persona, and often take over when other stress (re-traumatization) triggers them. 

It's at least, a very interesting setup, that we see occasionally in film and TV, but never before in a video game. Using such game mechanics as micro-sleep, hallucination, illusion, as well as  psychological and detective elements such as forensic interrogation and gaslighting. Diving right into questions of identity, consciousness, set up satyrically and darkly.

Without spoiling the story itself, which has a very diverse cast of NYC characters, you can already tell there's opportunity to create gameplay here, and as an indie games community, we love playing games just as much as we do making them.