So here it is, I'm getting this thing going. Jan 1st will be the official launch and right now I'm just making sure things are finalized. Thank you for checking it out. So here's the deal, from Jan 1st on, once or perhaps twice a week my dear supporters will be accessing one of my 'heart' projects,  The Bastard Prince, aka 'Zandercrack' by some of my friends. Once we hit goal, and the whole thing has been shared here, I'll be sending it in to the editor & copyeditor and then pubbing it both in print and ebook. 

It's time to let Zander (and Avaria) loose on the world. Mwahahahahaha!!! **cough cough**

I am fairly excited about this. So sign up, hang on, it's an adventure I don't think anyone will easily forget. 

EDITED TO ADD:  I'm still tweaking with the ranking and the levels and such

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