Seven Silver Linings of the Pandemic

A few weeks ago, as I was desperately looking for an upside to a national shutdown, a post about the Earth healing from pollution came my way. The world’s air was cleaner, the water was getting clearer. That was nice, I suppose. That was something to hold on to in such a crap situation. And then people finally started washing their hands for the first time in their lives, which was a miracle in itself, hopefully that habit will stay. Then homeschooling and homebirth came to the masses; both significant sub-movements of the health freedom and parental rights movement. As long as one has money to put food on the table, it’s lovely being home in the evening to go on a sunset walk and read books to your kids and tuck them into bed.

I try to hold onto these thoughts because this shutdown has been more divisive—in my personal life and in this community of ours— than the 2016 election. I have felt friendships die. I have read accusations that I don't think I'll ever get over. 

But it’s been three weeks now and I’m happy to report that my relentless optimism has bounced back three-fold on this wild ride, and I want to give you all my seven major pandemic wins to bounce around in your brains while you wander from your pantry to the sofa and back to the pantry again. 

1. The whole world is waking up to the corruption at the W.H.O.

This massive pandemic win is only in the beginning stages of unfolding this week and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Today the President announced that the U.S. would be withholding funding from the W.H.O. because not only did their incompetence bungle the initial response to COVID-19, but they assisted China in covering it up while inexplicably praising China’s actions and alleged "transparency."

Senator Graham echoed the same defunding message this afternoon and assured Americans that there would be no W.H.O. funding in the next Appropriations Committee hearing. Last year the U.S. gave a total of $500M to the W.H.O., so this is no small potatoes. 

For those of you who don’t know, leading up to 2017, the Gates Foundation and China rallied hard for an Ethiopian warlord named Tedros Adhanom to become the W.H.O. Director despite his crimes against humanity, and despite the fact he is not a medical doctor. He defers completely to China, going so far as nominating a fellow Zimbabwean warlord as a Goodwill Ambassador to the W.H.O. at China’s request, because the guy allowed China to rape Zimbabwe of its natural resources with impunity. Here is an absolutely outstanding roundup of this madman’s resume.

Yesterday a few U.S. Senators began calling for the W.H.O. Director's resignation, and tonight there is a republican resolution for defunding the W.H.O. until he resigns. The brightest part of this event isn’t whether or not we are directly impacted by any decisions of the W.H.O. Director, but more so that that our fellow Americans have had their dreams shattered and realized that the W.H.O. is not an unbiased nearly-Godly public health entity doing what’s best for all of mankind.

2. The N.I.H.’s Anthony Fauci has taken a hard tumble.

In just 14 days, Dr. Anthony Fauci went from having his face featured on New York cupcakes to trending #3 on Twitter with #FireFauci. It’s been a beautiful ball of fire. He’s been sidelined at press conferences, he’s been contradicted, he can’t keep his story straight, and he’s pivoted 180-degrees on whether America will return to normal soon because his buddy Bill Gates, captain of Team Apocalypse, told him to.

This little thug has multi-million-dollar conflicts of interest at the N.I.H. and he’s telling us that there will be no picking up and continuing on until his new vaccine hits the market. Do you have any idea how much money he’s commanded from taxpayers? For SARS, for MERS, for ebola, for zika. Thirty years to make an AIDS vaccine that doesn’t exist. How is this guy still employed?

Have you ever looked at his Wikipedia? You know how it is when you’ve needed to write your resume and you’re like, “Damn, how do I make myself look like I’ve accomplished something when really I’ve been treading water for years, praying not to get fired?” That’s Anthony Fauci’s Wikipedia. He’s made “important scientific observations,” and he’s “contributed to some understandings,” he’s “outlined some mechanisms,” he “developed some strategies.” I’m not making this up. He has never produced one FDA-licensed vaccine for any of the billions of dollars he’s demanded from Congress. 

He facilitates pharmaceutical money laundering, that’s what he does.

The masses have watched day after day as he’s refused to endorse a 30-cent potential cure for COVID-19 and Americans have had enough. He’s standing by and letting people die while the world waits, and waits, and waits for his vaccine. 

Yesterday he almost started laughing when he said, “I hope we don’t have so many people infected that we actually have that herd immunity.” There was an inappropriately huge smile on his face when he said it. Don’t tell me this is about saving lives; it’s about not rendering his vaccine useless by the time it comes to market, and Americans are getting a big corrupt spoonful of what we’ve known for years. 

3. Infants are missing vaccination appointments and SIDS rates are dropping.

Not every infant, don’t get me wrong. Pediatricians are doing a full court press begging new parents to keep their “well baby” appointments as an essential reason to leave their houses. Do you remember what it was like to have a two-month-old in your house? Would you have taken your precious baby to a doctor during a pandemic? Me neither.

Some will, some won’t, but here are the facts: 3,500 babies die of SIDS each year. That’s almost 10 babies lost per day, every day of the week. If half of all new American parents skip the two or four-month vaccination appointment from March 15 to May 1, that’s 221 babies who don’t die in those 45 days. If more than half skip, that’s more babies who don’t die. If all parents skip, it’s 442 babies saved in six weeks.

Do you know who tracks this data? The CDC. They have it all. There’s a federal form that even asks pathologists about which vaccines were given to the child in the last 72 hours before death

If hundreds less babies die in those 45 days, the CDC will absolutely know it. Now, I don’t think anyone can get these medical records from the CDC through FOIA, but you might be able to get a report about the total number of records submitted in 2020 where you can piece together the drop. The data will be there; someone just needs to find a way to access it. Or maybe a whistleblower will come along? Or maybe the CDC will publish a study on how asymptomatic infant coronavirus prevented SIDS in the spring of 2020?

4. The Average Joe is facing mandatory vaccination and it doesn’t look good for the CDC. 

The numbers of our movement are about to increase exponentially if states attempt to require this dangerous vaccine. We’ve all seen Paul Offit, Ian Lipkin, Peter Hotez, and finally Anthony Fauci himself warning the public about the “paradoxical immune enhancement” caused by an early version of the coronavirus vaccine, which is a common reaction with respiratory virus vaccines. It means that if the vaccinated person encounters the virus in the wild, they get far sicker than average, and die. Who the hell wants that vaccine? 

Even before Fauci admitted the risk on live television the other day, an LX/Morning Consult poll found that only 30% of American adults would “be among the first” to get this new vaccine for a disease that is asymptomatic in children.

But here's our prize: fully ten percent of poll responders said they would not get the vaccine at all. Wait, what? They’re all OK with vaccinating babies but the buck stops with vaccinating themselves?

Stop and think about all 220 million adults in the US. Take 10% of them. Now add them to the health freedom movement. Holla! If we can crack their brains open on their rights to refuse one vaccine, we’ve got them for life. Your legislators can bring it.

Then what will happen if people are hurt or killed by this coronavirus vaccine immune enhancement phenomenon? The entire vaccination program will implode, just like it did in the Philippines after the dengue disaster—that’s the only reason Paul Offit is losing his mind over fast-tracking this vaccine.


5. The Gates Foundation got exposed conducting tobacco science.

We all know that science has been for sale for decades, but this revelation couldn’t have come at a better time. The Gates Foundation is conducting a study on people sickened with COVID-19, to see whether hydroxychloroquine, the darling of the pandemic, is more effective than a placebo at saving lives. But guess what the placebo is? It’s vitamin C, which, in itself, has been a successful COVID-19 treatment!  Gates has all of his eggs in the vaccine basket, naturally, and is attempting to defeat hydroxychloroquine in the media, so stay tuned for the results of his study to be released in a few weeks or months.

You may think we’re the only ones outraged by controlled studies using anything but an inert placebo, but people were losing their minds over it on Twitter last night. The masses are waking! You don't have to be an "anti-vaxxer" to know that vitamin C has serious health benefits. 

6. Immunity badges are going to destroy the adult vaccination tracking system.

Surely you’ve seen this outrageous Bill Gates idea being parroted in our Congress: people are supposed to IgG test for past COVID-19 infections, and then obtain “certificates of immunity” or “immunity badges” before being allowed to return to work “with confidence.” All of this is being done by pharma in the hopes of finally setting up that adult vaccine tracking database they’ve wanted for years. What could possibly go wrong in a country like ours with this idea?

I guess we’re lucky they aren’t going with Bill’s idea of implanting microchips into our retinas or whatever gets that creeper excited in times like these. 

Of course, while America waits for a vaccine that most people don’t really want, this unacceptable idea would give rise to an immunity caste that is allowed to return to work and feed their families while everyone else begs on the streets. And, of course, it will lead to massive “corona parties” where people hope for intentional exposure so that they can get it over with and get back to life. Of course, this will kill the elderly, the immune compromised, and everyone on blood pressure meds.

And what about the not-insignificant proportion of people who don’t make IgG antibodies to coronavirus? What are they? Disabled? 

Well then. That sounds like a nice Title VII class action lawsuit to me. 

7. America is learning the importance of not eliminating the control group from the population.

How often have we said that states like California and New York have eliminated exemptions in attempt to eliminate our healthy control group from society? A parallel story is playing out in Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and even in Sweden and Belarus. They have refused to lock down, not that most people aren’t taking the virus seriously. The seriousness of the situation isn’t the issue; stripping people of their freedoms is the issue.  

But the "control group" is why you see the media screaming about how the center of America isn’t threatening their citizens enough. It started with Bill Gates a few days ago, and was quickly picked up by his minions.

They want a federal lockdown because God forbid we look back on this situation in a year and say, “Hmmm. Apparently, looking at the data from Arkansas, locking down the whole planet was utterly unnecessary.” Do you know how unhinged Americans are going to become when they realize their jobs and small businesses were destroyed for no reason? 

Then, in the future, when we go before committee hearings and argue that eliminating exemptions eliminates the control group to prove that we are right, we’re going to have a beautiful, relatable, metaphor to do it with. 

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