Several reward tiers have been altered! Grab your new perks now!
Hi guys!

I've been unsatisfied with many of the perks I offer for a while now, simply because I simply don't have the time to actually go through with them if I want to be able to produce the content that you've actually become a patreon for, kek.

Therefore, I've improved many patreon rewards/perks so that I can actually manage to fulfill them all, and so you get more value from them too.  At least I THINK the new perks offer more value. :) Here's the changes:

- $1 tier: no changes

-$3 tier: no change2

-$5 tier: moderator perk was changed to 'patreon viewer' perk, see other post

-$10 tier: no changes

-$20 tier: due to lack of demand, I've changed the 'monthly shoutout' perk to a 'permanent message in THaC's lower message bar rotation' perk. This means you can add your own message to display on the streams on the bottom (one example of this is the 'Eyescream! Eyescream! Everybody screams for Eyescream!' message)

-$50 tier: no changes, might consider changing the monthly chat for something else if anyone has a good idea :)

-$100 tier: Potato Pole video replaced with video featuring your favourite THaC character - EVERYBODY WHO IS STILL DUE FOR A VIDEO LIKE THIS, PLEASE TELL ME I SHOULD GET OFF MY LAZY ARSE!

-$150 tier: Chantelle video replaced with video featuring your favourite THaC character and Lady Top Hat

If you guys and gals want to make use of any of the new perks, you know where to find me. Behind the shed, with a vodka bottle. <3 Hope you like the changes!

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