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Sex Drugs & Gnosis Roll in the Bible
An powerful and memorable show that reveals a saucy vista of ancient times. For a direct link go here: Thanks for your great support, and more breathtaking heresy on the way! Read literally, the Bible is an ultraviolent, pornographic and dark soap opera orchestrated by the Creator God and his machinations. Yet recent scholarship reveals an even grimmer and also benign underbelly of the chronicles of Judaism and Christianity. The ancient Hebrews were far more hypocritical, sexually deviant, oppressive, and destructive than ever thought before. Early Christianity would be not much better under the Demiurge. But there is also a secret history revealing continuous goddess worship, mystical wisdom, and valiant magician-heroes the kept alive the arcane gnosis of the Sumerians, Babylonians and Persians that would later be passed to the Gnostics. These revelations as well shed virgin light on the Gnostics that includes widespread tantric sexual rites, rampant use of cannabis, bizarre ceremonies from those pre-Judaic cultures, and rituals that might shock modern sensibilities. A program for mature audiences only. Astral Guest-- Chris Bennett, author of Cannabis and the Soma Solution and Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible.
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