Sexplanations, the Podcast
Well, you asked for it and I consent to give it to you: Sexplanations, the Podcast or what I will probably call SexPod to distinguish the videos from aural Sexplanations. 

Thank you all for helping me stick with strong branding and for going along with me on this journey! Today I'm particularly scared about how the show and my time and relationships will go, and knowing you're out there cheering me on is a big deal! 

Anyway, the first two episodes of the podcast will be recorded tomorrow and if I can figure it out I'd like to livestream them. The times I hope to be live are 2:20-5:00 PM MDT. The actual recordings will be posted, most likely on June 7th and 14th. 

Thanks again for everything. You're really important to me and I'm excited for your help in creating more sex education for the planet.