Why dont you add me on facebook ? (the Note above is from my Personal Facebook page which i intend to grow so please help! :D) It will be a pleasure to Com.Unicate with you. 

I have a masters in computer science, and Ditched the high payed fixed salary for Chi Self Massage. I trully believe its the next big thing.

I speak multilanguage, about multilove, and multieconomics, in a multiverse. How can that not be a fun conversation ? 

I also speak very well of gamification which is the new amazing thing in marketing, so i can help you get your business of the ground with a couple guidelines! 

Back to Sexual Chi Kung! 

Cultivating Chi will help you > 

Have non ejaculatory orgasm

Raise your fun alternating sexual activity with meditation

Learn the Inner Smile and Microcosmic Orbit

I am here to spread the message of Mantak Chia who is my Master

Raise your self esteem

Generate the SpaceTime in relaxed mode for your body to start healing itself efficiently.

Mantak Chia-s Master told him he could only learn if he promised to share the Microcosmic Orbit MassageMeditation with China and then the World