[ Updated 06-08-2020 ]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use these for my Art / roleplay / story?  Yes! no problem, there's no need to ask for permission. Just use  them. After all, "Powerups" are not a concept I own whatsoever! But if  you feel like it, you can link back or credit SuperSatanSon.   By the way, here's a folder with all the powerups on PNG if you want to to add them to your art or something. There's also individual PNGs attached.
  • What if you use all of them at once?
    The user becomes a giant mass of human parts like Tetsuo in Akira.
    Now seriously,I prefer to use 3 or 4 max on my drawings, but if you use them for your own art you can do however you want.
  • What if you use twice of the same / combine X with Y powerups?
    It's all up to interpretation. Personally, I don't really enjoy drawing hyper sizes, so the effects won't acumulate much further than what I usually draw.

Note: These powerups are made just for fun. The effects may  vary according to the character traits the powerup is applied on, and  Stats and Size changes are only references, not exact measures.   Nevertheless, if you use them for your own creative work, feel free to  enforce their accuracy as you see fit. :) 


1/1/20 Update
Here are the updated Sexy Powerups! Finished almost all of them, but had to leave Witch Apple, Choco Drip, Medusa's Mirror and Turtle King Crest momentarily behind, since they're almost never used after all, and I spent already too much time on these :P
Probably forgot a lot of stuff as usual, so I'll keep this post updated!  

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