Well, you asked for it! "Sexy Toaster or Bust" won the Jess Star pin-up poll by a wide margin. I guess everyone was dying to know exactly "that toaster thing"  was Mr. Sin infamously requested. Well, now you know. (And you can never un-know.)

I also tried sketching a more traditionally pin-upy  post-toaster-act piece, as well. (You can see the sketch here if you like... it is mildly NSFW.) Ultimately I decided the above picture was most true to the spirit of the idea, though. Plus, look at that toaster boogie! How could I not draw that? But if I have time, I'll properly finish the sketchy follow-up piece and included as a bonus in the next issue of Sam and Fuzzy Extra.

Speaking of which... said next issue, and all our other backer-exclusive bonuses will be released in a few days. And so will the poll for our next bonus pieces. Charge!

-Sam Logan

PS: Just in case this applies to you and you haven't noticed yet: six backers had their pledges declined this month. If this is you, you probably just need to update your card expiry info! Don't worry, you've got time to fix it before this month's backer exclusive rewards go out.