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SF #209 – Marathon versus Sprint

Should you cut back when the going gets

tough?  Circle 'round and begin again just to feel the "buzz" of early

success?  Or, would it better to continue on, slogging it out through

the trenches of difficulty at the heights of your uphill climb?  Welcome

to the #1

“Run, Forrest, Run”

Comedic Motivational

Show…otherwise known as “Success Freaks.”  This episode, Mordant &

McFall tackle the frustrations of learning patience and perseverance

while building your dream.

On this episode of Success Freaks


Mordant & McFall check in to see how YOU spent your holiday.  They

share personal stories on the topic of marathoning vs sprinting. McFall,



Side of Positive, tells you “You’re living your life WRONG!”  In the

Level Up

section Naomi Mimi calls the guys and tells them how much she could’ve used them


 And in

On Beyond

, McFall plays back audio from the IRUSA Charity even he helped out at over the 4th of July holiday.

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