Picking up where I left off in the last post:

After my glorious experience in Louisiana with Raluca and her students, Raluca let me hop in her car on an eastward adventure towards a large gathering of printmakers: the Southern Graphics Council International Conference of 2017 in Atlanta, GA. SGCI is a nonprofit that focuses on the art of printmaking. Their conference boasts one of the largest gatherings of printmakers anywhere. 

Attached to this post, there is a detail image of a print installation that I had the opportunity to be part of. "HELLO. I LOVE YOU. I'M SORRY." was a themed portfolio organized by the lovely Terri Dilling. Each print featured flowers in some way. The idea that flowers are often given at times of arrival and departures tied into the conference theme, "Terminus: Arrivals & Departures." My print portrayed the bitterroot flower, the Montana state flower, and is in the top right corner of the attached image. I chose the flower as a memorial to friends that are no longer with us.

In addition to being part of a portfolio this year, I volunteered for the second time, specifically at the registration desk. I have grown quite fond of the women that put this wonderful conference together and enjoyed working with them even more this year than last. They work hard, but still make the environment around them enjoyable and filled with laughter. I can't wait to see them all at the conference in Vegas next year!

Lastly, I have news about the upcoming artist residency in Alaska... that I will be saving for Thursday's post :)