Shack Fu, Meatloaf
Craptain's Log, Star Date 12.2.15:

I've been working more on my depth. Why create a pixel game if you aren't pushing the limits of what you can do with it? I'm not trying to make anything hyper-realistic, but there's no reason an old shack can't be more than a shitty-looking block made up of four colors with a hole in it. I've seen too many Indie games that look like the artist was trying to make the sprites look as simple as possible for "that nostalgic feel", but the way I look at it, that's a bunch of crap. Nostalgia comes from the inside. We now have the ability to use more than 4 or 8 colors at a time. Why not pick up where pixel games left off?

Anyway... you may recognize this area from a previous update. I added some more trees in the background. I want this area to look as though nature is attempting to take it back.

It's crazy working on this game. With everything I draw, I have to learn about it. In order to draw a tree fort, I must first learn how to build a tree fort so I can understand how it works. Not everything is so meticulous, of course, and I must leave room for fiction and absurdity. Every area has its own story as to why it is the way it is. It's been just a matter of putting the pieces together, slowly but surely. It's almost as though it's writing itself, you know?

Woof. Fans of Duane & Brando know who Meatloaf is. His role in the game has yet to be determined.

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