The "Shaders' Graph Screenshots" problem

Hi there! Sadly, I have to write there an issue I've encountered while making my latest article (Fire Shader).

Its graph is bigger than my previous shaders, and it's also bigger than my screen size (1080p). For this reason I can't capture the entire window without zooming out, which loses details and makes the texts unreadable. 

I won't be able to post screenshots of "bigger" shaders, until I find a solution.
If you have anything in mind, please let me know, thanks!

The ideal would be some sort of Editor script that captures the Graph Window, even if you can see a part of it (which depends on how big your resolution is). At this moment, I didn't find it.

Possible Solutions I've thought of

4K Monitor: My screen is in 1080p and I can't buy a 4K monitor just for shader screenshots (and I don't have the budget anyway), so I'll have to find another way.

Photo Compositing: I could make a lot of screenshots and combine them (and it's a bit harder with Amplify since the background will be different each time), but it would require a lot of time and I just can't now. Again, I'll have to find another way.

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