Shadow interrupted
You know, like the movie? But shadow, instead of girl, because it's a picture of a shadow. Maybe I should've waited for a girl to walk by, too. Shadowgirl, interrupted. I like the sound of that, it's a real contest winner. Speaking of contests, I know that there are ways to make money from photography other than begging, unfortunately those ways also come with a price of entry, be it the cost of a website, online storage, entry fees to contests etc.

I sat on this patreon for a couple months, before listening to an interview with Drew of toothpaste for dinner where he discussed his own patreon and what it had done for him. I don't want this to be the primary source of income from my art, but being out of work and not being able make ends meet means that money that does come in has to go toward the really important stuff, like having a roof over our heads and sending the internet into that roof so I can post my pictures for you nice people. I don't expect to make thousands from this patreon, but I hope it'll serve to open some doors that I've not been able to access myself.
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