Shadow of Chaos (Contest Levels)
Here's the scattershot final "build" of Shadow of Chaos, a Sonic fangame I once thought was a good idea. As the story goes, Shadow the Hedgehog had just been unveiled in 2005, and I started playing around with Sonic Battle sprites. The end result was a game engine where you played as Shadow, but no levels. And I didn't want to make any. So I held a level design contest, and that got me a bunch of levels of varying quality. I was going to stitch them all together in to something coherent, but that never happened. 


  • firststage_contestversion_mmf.exe 
  • shadow_clonefight.exe 
  • shadow_quickie_mmfa.exe 


  • Final Factory Faster.exe (made by ???) 
  • Green Amazon.exe (made by Jackelbeaver) 
  • Knuckles vs Shadow.exe (made by Jackelbeaver) 
  • MATRIXX5.EXE (made by Matrixx and Me) 
  • New shadow entries ver 1.1.exe (made by Jackelbeaver?) 
  • Nik Jam - Shadow the Hedgehog (MMF).exe (made by Nikjam) 
  • Sonic vs Shadow.exe (made by Jackelbeaver) 
  • that_dam_meow.exe (made by Meowtwo/Shenaniganza) 

Apologies for everything being in these teeny tiny windows; these were a long way from release and in some cases are barely playable. 

CONTROLS (going by an Xbox 360 controller) 

- A to Jump 

- Double tap A to air-dash in a direction (diagonals supported) 

- Hold towards a wall and jump to kick off of it 

- Hold B to aim your weapon, A to fire while aiming 

- Down + B for a flying kick There's also a button for bullet time (Z on the keyboard, I think) but since this was made with a version of Multimedia Fusion that only supported 2 gamepad buttons, you'll have to fiddle with Joy2key to get it to work (which is included). I have no idea if the included *.cca and *.gam files can be opened, or if they're protected. 

Try it and see!

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