Shadow of a Giant
Can you imagine living in the shadow of giant? Everything you do appears small and insignificant in comparison. For those who are younger siblings, you understand what I mean. Your big steps are equal to little steps compared to your big brother or sister. Or, if you work as an associate in a corporate office, all of the projects are dictated to you by upper management. You get to work before the rooster crows and leave well after the moon made its appearance. Yet, all the acknowledgment for the project is given to your superiors. It can be frustrating at times. Trust me, I understand. I've been in the shadow of a giant my entire life. I am the third out of four children. My older brother would always excel academically, while I would rely on grade curves to get an A, B, or C. Even physically, he was dominant in sports because of his stature, 6'4" and 220 pounds. As opposed to me, puberty was chained to cement blocks and got to me late. My older sister was also a great student, and she was well traveled. Before her 18th birthday, she had been to Washington D.C, Selma, Alabama, and Boston. Meanwhile, I had not been outside of Florida until I was 19 years of age. Being in the shadow of a giant is difficult. But, it's a necessary experience. Instead of being jealous and envious of my siblings. I decided to respect them. I focused on emulating their feats, while creating my own. I made a conscious decision to become a giant, instead of hiding in the shadow of one. Helen Hayes stated, “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” Therefore, while you're waiting to become a giant, don't despise your small steps on the journey to the top.