Shag pile 24 May 2014

Danny opened his eyes slowly. Where was he? Gradually he realised that whatever he was lying on was very hard. Like a floor. He rolled over and his mouth filled with wool. Shag pile. 

Shag. Oh Mirabelle. The thought of her made something stir down below. Had they? 

He groaned. What was the point if you didn’t remember?

Oh, god his head hurt. Snatches of the evening before came back. The heavy metal . Joints being passed round. Tequila shots. 

And now there was something staring at him. A monster. A nude man with a cat’s head. He shrieked. 

“Christ, Danny keep it down. We’ve all got headaches.” Mirabelle stared at his upright cock. “That as well.” 

There was a loud “Meow” and a small ginger cat jumped out of the carrier bag by the coffee table. 

Danny’s erection collapsed. 

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