A shakeup is coming...

A decentralized Internet is a meritocracy, where everyone has equal opportunity to display their content to millions of people. People decide what’s popular, what’s not, what to reward and what to bin. This idea has created an industry of online independent entertainers, vloggers, jouranlists, educators and every category under the sun exploring every idea and catoring to every need. 

That’s changing, the corporations running the existing hosting infrastructure have become massive monopolies who have forgotten or simply decided to ignore the basis of their success. Content that was once acceptable is now blocked or demonetized. Rules being selectively applied and based on politics and opinions, accounts banned. 

This creates a massive opportunity, instead of one major video platform there should be several, just as in any other industry. As powerful as YouTube may look now they are nothing without the millions of content creators who built them up and those creators are nothing without the freedom to make the types of content that attracted their billions of fans. 

A shakeup is coming and with your help BitChute will be a major part of this.