SHANE PLAYS INTERVIEW - Betrayal at Krondor: Remastered and the Amazon Lumberyard Game Engine

Another great visit with Shane Stacks on Shane Plays, this time to talk about my Betrayal at Krondor: Remastered project and the #Amazon #Lumberyard Game Engine. If you happened to hear the original broadcast on Saturday, there’s almost an additional half hour’s worth of material here that was NOT on air (because we ran out time to explore everything about Lumberyard), so Shane and I recorded extra material which has been spliced into the podcast version of the show. It will run this coming weekend on Krypton Radio as well. 

Here are links to a few things mentioned in the show:

Download a copy of the game engine.

Watch my first installment in our video preview of the game

Support this project as well as my other film and writing projects at:

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