Shangrila Sailing Adventure Part1 Leaving Thailand
With the perfect recipe for the ultimate adventure, a family of 8 friends clambered onto a 65 foot sailing ketch in Thailand owned by an x-rockstar who’d sailed the boat there from his home country of England. With a shoestring budget they were bound for Bali, Indonesia with plans of surviving primarily with nothing but wind and fish. Whether they were stopping through big cities like Penang or Singapore or parked up on deserted islands in the middle of SE Asia, every day was definitely an adventure.

In this video travel with us on one of our first, but most memorable, islands called Koh Taratao. With a local connection we hopped into the back of a pick up truck and cruised the island venturing up mangrove swamps and into underwater caves, running from the local makaks, and even finding 5 foot boa constrictors diving out of trees! (We might have provoked it slightly.)