Shanto (Rebirth Phoenix Mode)
 Rebirth Phoenix Mode:

Shanto first discovered this  form in a dire struggle against O'Nekka within Atlas, fighting back to  back with Innosence. Pushing well beyond her physical limits through  sheer the force of will, The Legacy Power reacted to the internal change  and 'evolved' her by bursting out wings of pure energy from her back.

Due  to the extreme and constant energy discharge, this form both causes a   stamina drain and a great deal physical of strain upon Shanto to use. In  peak condition, she can only sustain this form for a maximum of five  minutes before succumbing to a life-threatening level of fatigue.  However, this form does give her great advantages to endure the state.

Shanto  not only obtains the gift of flight in this form, but she can maneuver  at super-sonic speeds. Her 'Second Wind' factor is overclocked, granting  her a great deal more strength than she would otherwise. Her body also  has a raised endurance and her pyrokenesis gains a range around her  upper body and wings. The most mysterious power gained in this state is  the ability to create Pyroclastic Flows from her hands. 

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