Shaping FN: Choose Dayna's Power
Hey everybody! The time has come for us to ask for your help! We just introduced a new character to the cast of FACTION (you might have spotted her blue hair), and we want you to select her power.

Meet Dayna.

Now, this choice will have a real consequence in the comic even for the remaining length of FN. We even have personal favourites in the team, but we want to leave the choice entirely up to you. We've narrowed it down to three. Read and choose carefully! 

  • Ice: Dayna can create and manipulate ice, using it as a weapon or to change the battlefield to her advantage, completely turning the tide of battle. Even able to freeze her enemies as they stand.
  • Weapons Telekinesis: Dayna can spawn and control weapons which float around her, able to fight ferociously without having to fight on her own. She can send these weapons flying, or use them to defend her allies.
  • Explosive Packets: Dayna can spawn and throw packets of explosive energy, she'll get a baseball bat as her weapon to send them flying.

This poll is public at the moment, but typically only backers who pledge more than $3.00 will have access to this. All following polls will be for backers only.

Ice (see description)


Weapons Telekinesis (see description)


Explosive Packets (see description)

Poll ended Aug 30, 2017
16 votes total