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I was playing my main save, and Caleb got promoted to Sous Chef... he also was so very happy about it, and it pissed me off, the same way it pissed me off that he could not tell the family I gave to him and Lilith that he was turned into a vampire by Miss Hell, that he couldn't tell anyone about it... so I told him to wait, turned off my game and fixed it.

Three new interactions (for now):

- Share news on your promotion.

- Share news on your engagement.

- Share news on your relationship (got a boyfriend/girlfriend)

- Talk about the camping trip (only after camping)

- Complain about missing home (only during camping)

- Complain about workload (only stressed from work)

- Complain about stale surroundings (only materialistic/stale surrounding buff)

- Obsess about new purchasings (only materialistic/love new things buff)

- Complain about lack of exercise (only active/not enough exercise buff)

- Talk about workout session (only active/good workout buff)

- Complain about lack of videogames (only geek/need gaming buff)

- Complain about lack of promotion (only ambitious/promotion anxiety buff)

- Brag about Masterpiece Painting (only painted masterpiece buff)

Available as long as the EA buffs are active.

So now Caleb can obsess everyone about his promotion!

If you got suggestions for more sharing or interactions in general, just drop a comment.

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