Shareable - Dharma Teacher Rachel's "Seven Ways to Leave Your Ego: The 7 Branch Prayer" - Online Course
Bodhi Path Online Content Initiative is very excited to announce the newest online course available to our patrons and followers. Dharma Teacher Rachel Parrish will be live-streaming her in-depth lectures on The Seven Branch Prayer, based on The Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa; plus content from Shamar Rinpoche's and Gendun Rinpoche's special instructions. The live classes will be saved as audio recordings and made available for listening later, providing an alternative if you cannot make the times of the live-streaming.  This special course format features lectures, group discussions, homework assignments, group exchange with the teacher, final exam, and practice.


This course is broken down into three Sunday sessions every four weeks (audio is recorded for later listening), with a final exam afterwards:

Session One, April 1, 2018: Prostration, Praises, Offerings.

Session Two, April 29, 2018: Confession, Request for Teaching, Request to Not Pass into Nirvana, Dedication.

Session Three, May 27, 2018: Rejoicing.

Final Exam sent June 17 and due June 24, 2018.


These live-streamed lectures will be hosted by Bodhi Path Chicago on each respective Sunday from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm Central Time. To attend, one will have to connect to the Zoom platform, information to be released beforehand.

If you would like to register for this course, you are required to fill out and send the commitment letter (page 4) via email to [email protected] and [email protected]. This can be done no later than March 26, 2018.

COURSE FEE (all inclusive)

Standard Level: $100

Sponsor Level (helps someone less fortunate participate): $150

If you are interested in the course but unable to pay the amount listed, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] with your information and they will help you out.


All other pertinent and relevant information/materials can be found on this course document

This post is brought to you by Bodhi Path Online Content Initiative and all of our patrons who have chosen to support the Dharma and Bodhi Path specially.