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OC-tober - Day 7: Sharess

My first dark elven character, a mysterious badass assassin.  Also having a major role in 

my webcomic

.  He's still one of my favourites (and I bet you have already noticed him - he forced me to create that parody comic Alltarnen). 

I also role played him in several campaigns. Definitely the best one was joining a pirate crew of an infamous "pirate queen" Katera. Both of them had an enormous ego, an excessive sense of honor and were obsessed with weapons. There were only two possible endings. You can guess what happened. 




a merciless assassin


 huge ego, malicious sense of humor

funny fact:

 Believe it or not, this character was inspired by The Matrix. I really wanted to have such a cool character with long coat, katanas and a badass aura. And Sharess never failed me.  You should listen to The Matrix Soundtrack when Sharess is on the screen.