Sharing Artwork in Process: Pros & Cons
It's really interesting to think about visual artists in the not-so-distant-past who did not have the technology available to take an instant and immediately developed picture of their work and then be able to share it on online social networks. 

From my perspective, as a modern day working artist, a benefit of taking a picture of a painting in process is  that its like taking a step back and I get to see where the piece is falling short and what might like to be added or taken away. For example, after I took this picture above and shared it on Instagram, I immediately went back to the canvas and made a change. So in this way, it can serve my creative process, while giving you a glimpse into what I'm up to. It can also serve to document my process which can be really fun to look back on.

As a challenge, we've created a culture where there can be a sense of obligation to share everything, every step & process, all the time.  I see this as a call to learn about setting boundaries within ourselves and get clear for us on what works and what doesn't.

We have to get really clear on what feels right and good for us to share, what serves and supports our goals, and ultimately be clear on WHY we are posting what we are choosing to post. Another con is that, if overdone, it can be exhausting both doing the work and sharing the work. Its like doing twice the work!

That said, here I am sharing with you inside my studio, my  most sacred magical place in the world. And I intend that each of you here are watching on in support of my well being and success. My intention is that my posts inspire, educate, and bring beauty and the joy of creativity into the world. 

I appreciate each and every one of you who have made the choice to be here subscribing to me and supporting me via  Patreon in honor of this work and service I have chosen to do in in this world. Thank You.