Sharing the Love!
Sharing the Love! Birthday Gift for Ardenfetz Ardenfetz has been there for me when I have truly been in a hole. He has dropped me a rope many a times to let me climb out. He has also commissioned me numerous times, proving that not all dragons hearts are filled with greed, and malice! *Wink* For his friendship and continued patronage I decided to paint something for him for his Birthday/Hatching Day (which is actually in a few days). I only had about 3 hours to paint yesterday before I had to be at his house for a NARFA gathering (Northwest Arkansas Regional Furry Association). So, I threw paint at the panel, and completed this in roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes. The paint had barely dried by the time I had to box it and go. Anyhow, enjoy *Grin* Media: Acrylic on Watercolor Panel Size: 5"x7" Date: 2015
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