Sharing Story Concepts!
This is a questline concept way later on in the game on another continent.

Figured I should share it with you all. 

The Shiro Kushi Rebellion and the Elysium Councilit.

The journey of looking for all the Harkon Channeling Crystals will take the party to many places other than the starting continent Tsinacra. On the Continent Reignier a rebellion is taking place against the Elysium Council which is the governing factor over the Continent. The Rebels call themselves Shiro Kushi (White Knights) who believe the North should be free and independent.

In the beginning during the Coup of Parchan, the Empire of Parceus was overthrown in a single week. The Parceus Empire controlled all of the southern region of Reignier. After the Parceus Empire was overthrown a new government took hold and the country was renamed the Elysium Councilit. After a decade the Elysium Councilit wanted to unite all of Reignier under their rule. So the Country in the North known as Aisel was set as their target. Aisel had recently annexed Polara which was a small country to the east of Aisel so they were spending a lot of resources on developing and supporting the newly acquired territory. Elysium couldn't pass up the chance to strike. Aisel was a successful democratic government that enjoyed great wealth and prosperity with little corruption, but that soon changed.

Aisel had a strong military and could even stand among the most powerful on Akarom, however the Elysium Councilit spent much time researching new ways of using the somewhat new energy source known as Cive. Aisel was easily holding their own against the Councilit until the development of Elysium’s new and secret weapon called: The Chaos Drive, a powerful new military technology that utilized itself similar to a Cive Channeling Crystal and when unleashed devastated  enemy forces. Within three months Aisel fell.

Averik Soulfair the son of the President of Aisel, Cameron Soulfair. During the siege of the capital he managed to escape via a secret passageway and river, and he swore on the life of his Mother and Father, who were executed the day after, that he would one day bring rise to Aisel once again and destroy Elysium. The Councilit knew not that Averik lived since his father proclaimed that “You Councilit bastards murdered him.” which surprisingly the commander's believed due to the crying of Averik’s mom which was a bluff to ensure that Averik was not hunted down.

Once Averik was clear free of the capital he knew that he had to change his name and bide his time until he could forge a rebellion. And so at the age of 14 he changed his name to Vergessen, keeping his last name, though hardly ever told anyone.

His first recruits had always been with him, the two guards that fled with him, and at the age of 21 he officially founded the Shiro Kushi by attacking and securing a small northern fort called Madrach. To which he renamed Ko Rudo. From there the Shiro Kushi began, Averik leading under the guise of Vergessen.