Sharing Strategies Via YouTube and Mobile Technology: Halllway Partner Challenge

    We are again proud to feature one of our certified trainer's, Rosemarie  Engman, and her class at Sacred Heart School in Bellevue, Washington.   If you read this newsletter, you may remember that she and her class are  making video clips of Gurian strategies they use in their classrooms  and buildings.  Rosemarie's class created an instructional clip for the  "Walk and Talk" strategy earlier in the fall.  Now she has created a  clip for "Hallway Work."  Both clips can be accessed by clicking here.
    Please join Rosemarie and her school by sending us video clips of  your strategies in action!  Boys and girls learn differently--you might  well be revolutionizing classrooms on a daily basis.  Thanks again,  Rosemarie, and many thanks to your students, and Sacred Heart School.