Sharpen your Shovel! It's Shovel Knight!
I've seen so many "retro themed" games over the past few years that they now start to blend together. The 8-bit and 16-bit looks are classic, I like them too. But when every other game starts to look like that it gets old, fast.

Shovel Knight explodes with colorful, playful, retro goodness yet manages to excel in the gameplay, level design and charisma departments as well. Solid, sharp controls and lovable characters make this game a keeper on whatever game system you have (unless you only have a Sega 32X.... then you're screwed).

It's fun and has loads of unlockables, plays well on handhelds and rocks with kick-ass music! Shovel Knight is where it's at. IT'S SHOVELING TIME!

I hope you enjoy the review! An extended cut is coming soon, after I spend more time with Plague Knight.

Mark :)