Shatterproof (The Roughest Cut)
He want to die in the hands of his enemies

She wants to die in the deepest of dreams

I want to die of the panic that comes from knowing

You really do love me


Cut it short before you capsize on the waves

Don't be brave


Follow through or falling through the floor

I sent a picture and it came back on a postcard

With a message that read, “Don't try so hard.”

It's burning up my mind

How the only people who need me are the ones I find

(Chorus) … just like before


...just like before. But I don't keep score.

The drums are a little mushy because I recorded three tracks (Guitar with vocals, Keyboard, and Drums) and didn't use a metronome. It started as a sketch, but wound up consuming me today. Nothing about this song existed when I woke up this morning.