Shaun's Health Saga Continues!
I feel it's worth keeping you all up to date. My blood tests showed I was positive for EBV which is the virus that causes glandular fever. This is pretty good news and makes it quite likely that my symptoms are the result of glandular fever. There's still a chance it could be something else and ENT have done a fine needle aspiration on both my swollen lymph nodes (using needles that are comically large.) and recommended that I might have to get one of the lymph node's biopsied (pending the FNA results) Which involves me going to sleep and having them cut the whole thing out of my neck!

spooky, but definitive! While it's all still a little nerve wracking the signs are largely all positive at the moment. Glandular fever as I've mentioned before can last a while but I've been feeling a lot better the last couple of days (although this might just be down to my thus far reassuring test results). At present I'm just hoping the signs stay this way and GF is my diagnosis :)