She was motionless
Still she moved every mountain in me
Silently she stood there
Here, words were all I felt

Like a coarse thunder in its rage
With her eyes she paled its blaze
The cold breeze of my life flailing around
In disarray each strand from her hair held me at bay

I grasped for her longing
And she allowed me to take a chance
Calming me with a turn of her head
I stood hoping for the land to stop shaking

A photo of her in my head
Even blinded by my life’s peril
I could not leave her again
I’ll stand forever in wait

For the one that doesn’t even know
I called out her name in the winds of my fate
Her soul held in my heart

Strong and sure of every word I say
Even the ones that are concealed by my tongue
Nothing could again take my breath away

I am free of my vow
I’m once again conformed to this will
No longer afraid

And I am as I am
A slave with the power of man
In the gates of my wait I shall stand