She Is the One
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Here is the first song that started my brain onto the idea that I might be able to tell a story through a series of songs. I actually wrote it about 3-4 years ago but it has evolved a bit over time. The file is guitar only, although I'd love for you to hear it with cello as soon as possible. Leave a comment with any questions or feedback on the song; hope you enjoy! – Zack

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She Is the One

I was born on the northern border
She is the one I’ve sought for
She is the one I’ve loved
I came down of an ageless order
She is the one I sing to
She is the one I’ve dreamed

Lovers may come and lovers may go
You don’t have to walk that road alone
You will find solace in the way the story ends
People will say whatever they say
And you don’t have to do it all your own way
You’ll find a home with me my friend

She was lost in an endless ocean
She had the world on a string
A balloon of stone
So I swam out in ceaseless motion
I kissed her cold blue fingers
She opened up her eyes

You cannot carry this around
You just let it go, you set it down
Sinking so fast, so far into the sea
People will say I don’t know how
To tell you now this will all work out but
I won’t just wait for you to drown, no

– – – – – – –

© 2011 Zachary Alden Smith. All rights reserved.