She Sees Him by Candlelight. H. Ford.

"So when she had reached home and had gone to bed it was just the same as it had been before, and a man came and lay down beside her, and late at night, when she could hear that he was sleeping, she got up and kindled a light, lit her candle, let her light shine on him, and saw him, and he was the handsomest prince that eyes had ever beheld, and she loved him so much that it seemed to her that she must die if she did not kiss him that very moment. So she did kiss him; but while she was doing it she let three drops of hot tallow fall upon his shirt, and he awoke."

The similarities to the myth "Cupid and Psyche" are striking in this scene.  The girl ignores the warnings of her beastly bridegroom, and then loses him as a consequence. A journey taken to a place no one can find.  Trials must be overcome.  The girl gets the guy. That story. 

Note: The supplemental image is  Amore e Psiche (1707–09) by Giuseppe Crespi.