She Was Given Her Life Because She's Strong Enough to Live It.

There's something about this woman that inspires the hell out of me.  It's not only what she's been through.  It's more than what she's achieved.  She doesn't pretend life is easy and she doesn't try to hide her struggles.

It's that she never gives up.  And I know she never will.

Listen to her story.  Draw strength from it.  Then, square your shoulders, stand a little taller and take a step forward.

Katherine Hambleton is a mother, wife and registered nurse. She achieved a Diploma of Health Sciences in both Nursing and Paramedicine, holding a speciality in emergency nursing and a certificate in critical care. She currently works as an RN on a cardiac surgery intensive care unit, and is an educator for healthcare professionals. Katherine is also the Program Administrator for Wings of Change - Peer Support. A support group established for first responders and other community heroes who face some of the toughest situations in their professions.

Through adversities in both her professional and personal life, she has been a dedicated advocate for first responder wellness, working toward breaking down the barriers and stigmas associated with mental health challenges. Katherine has volunteered with organizations such as the Tema Conter Memorial Trust, IveGotYourBack911, and Wings of Change - Peer Support as a facilitator for the Mississauga chapter.


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"Warriors aren't always the ones who win, but they are always the ones who fight" 

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