haven't posted anything on here in a while. Jeeeeepz.

I have been working on stuff, next month I will finish my next EP, titled 'Fly The Paper Sky, Time After Time, 'til You Forget Life And Labyrinth', and I'm also coming up with ideas for an EP after that. As well as that, I just the other day uploaded stuff I made last year for a thing I didn't finish, a tribute to the Zelda Oracle Of Ages/Seasons games.

I've also started doing video game commentary videos, and I don't honestly know if I could say they're good right now but I'm definitely getting better at it. No one's good at stuff in the beginning, and I've never been good at selling things, but, yes, they're there and I'll continue making them.

And I've been writing serious, several-hundred-word posts on Medium too, the latest being one about my dad and abusive people in general, and I don't know if that's something I'll be good at coming up with ideas for but a lot can happen in a month and I have enough ideas already to last several months.

I meant to do more comics this year but I lost the pen for my graphics tablet, so until I find it, or replace it, that's all on hiatus.

All in all I feel very ready to work on all these things this year, I feel like I'm gonna get a lot done. In fact, I've done more in these first three months than I did in the same amount of time last year. So I'm pretty sure the best, individual things and times in general, is yet to come :D