Shelter the Sea Audies for Iggy: I need your advice
The link in the header is for the Audie Awards, Audible awards for book narrators, and after finally getting to listen all the way through to Shelter the Sea and Carry the Ocean, I really need to enter Iggy for one. And I need your advice on what/how.

So, As you can see from the link, there are a ton of categories and to enter is $200. I don't know if I can enter him in more than one category with the entry fee or if each category is that much. I would like to enter him for both books but I don't know that I can do it. I was all set and then the damn taxes got screwed again because of the adoption that did not go through--which is fine, I'm fine, but I don't have endless money and I really want to get you guys the paperbacks, and I need to keep the re-releases going, and I need to pay Iggy (irony) for Antisocial audio, which is the thing I'm the most worried about because it's going to be crazy expensive, and if he finishes before Amazon and Patreon land at the end of the month I am not exactly sure how this will work out. Plus I have to take my kid to this convention because it's the thing that has kept me sane all year, thinking about this trip. 

Anyway. I think I can do one entry. I can MAYBE do two, it depends. Maybe. (I'm probably going to do two. I'm probably going to find a damn way to do two.) But I can't do multiple categories, is the point, unless I'm reading the rules wrong. So the question is with two books, which ones? 

Carry the Ocean for romance seems obvious, yes? Shelter the Sea, I feel isn't really romance because it's not a NEW romance and wouldn't do well there. So...fiction? Or should i just go male narrator? Or am I not understanding this and you enter one category and then it goes over into others?

I really want to do this for Iggy. He's so great and he put SO MUCH into this performance. I will credit card this entry and even skip doing other things if I have to for this. I don't know if he'll win but I want him to. So I want to do this right.

Will you guys help me figure this out and enter this the best way possible? Two books, two entries? LET'S GO GET THIS FOR IGGY. <3