The Sheriff Redesign
Lets talk a little about one of the main protagonist. The Sheriff... a somewhat temporary stereotypical name he's earned mostly due to his choice in clothing. Now don't get me wrong, this little dude is a badass, so he has that in common with the sheriff type. Unfortunately he does not abide by the law. Not like there really are many laws in the place where our heroes start their galactic adventure, but even if there were... He would most likely be the first to break them.He's a natural born leader, an expert pilot, a shrewd businessman, and a renowned galactic ladies-man.  

Geek Info Ahead 

I painted the above concept after receiving some sketches from my friend and artist Ryu Hey-Young. She did a rendition of the sheriff with a classic (motorcycle cop) like helmet and I kind of fell in love with it. The new design would allow for some mouth shapes to be applied to his design yet still hide enough of his face. An important aspect for the in-game conversational elements that will be implemented over the next few months. In the current design he is wearing a full cover helmet which gives him a shroud of mystery but makes it very difficult to establish personality traits .  (See attachment) 

I'll make sure to post a side by side comparison once I model, texture and rig the new helmet.