SHF 3 v0.19a - Sounds, eyes upgrades, arousal
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Okay I need sleep so this post might not make as much sense as I think it does. Also I didn't do a graphic >.> 

This update is about two main upgrades- sound effects, and characters looking at stuff instead of staring vacantly at the screen. Then there's a handful of smaller improvements. Check the changelog below to skip my babbling.

Making characters look at stuff required more thought than I'd originally anticipated. First, there's the challenge of animating minor head turning and figuring out the range that you can visually indicate a character is looking. Then, there's the programming portion- every item and action that can catch a character's attention needs a point value, and you have to adjust the points based on context. A character is more interested in a massive dildo about to split them in half than the pony next to them, but they'll still glance over if something interesting is happening.

For the sounds- this is subtle, non-verbal stuff. It might not seem immediately apparent, but there's a whole host of minor effects added that I think help accentuate the gameplay without getting in-your-face or repetitive. Feedback helps. Working on getting some actual voice acting sometime pretty soon. 

It's hard to find good, not-annoying sound effects for adult games, so I've been mostly recording my own to build a decent library of them. It takes a while to do, so I figure I'll release a pack of all my wet slappy sound effects at some point for other lewd game makers and animators.

And yeah, I'll add a mute button in the next SHF version :3

Tier 2 patrons can play it here! 


  • Eyes follow action in various ways. WIP
  • Lots more sound effects added. More responsive wet sounds, squirting, toy effects, chain rattling, machine effects, UI feedback, etc.
  • Arousal mechanic added. Builds from lewd activity, increases pussy wetness and stretchiness, increases pleasure
  • "Masochism" button added (WIP) - builds arousal and pleasure from pain when active
  • "Extra Stretchy" button added (WIP) - Anything will fit.
  • Squirting now uses particles rather than simple sprites
  • Penetrating toys will drag the characters more
  • Bigger penetrating toys will always drag the character around more, even when the orifice size is at max
  • bugfix- wand item would get stuck on penis sometimes
  • bugfix- big items would sometimes lose effectiveness 
  • bugfix- eyelashes would glitch beneath ears
  • bugfix- nearing passing out would sometimes cause unintended lasting weakness

What's next?

Stuff, man. I'll make a post real soon digging into my October goals. There's a lot of mechanics for SHF3 I was working on that weren't finished for this update, so it's possible I'll be putting out minor weekly updates for the game this coming month as they're ready to go.

Also I'm pretty sure I have comic pages to post. I'll check that out when I wake up.