Shi (2017)
Ana Ishikawa/Shi is a young woman of mixed descent (Japanese and American). As a child, she watched her brother's and father's murder by a Yakuza named Masahiro Arashi. Having vowed she would get revenge, Ana was trained in the Sohei (Japanese Warrior Monks) ways by her grandfather. 

In honor of a Feudal Japanese Warrior, she painted her face white and her name and symbol are the Japanese character 'Shi', which literally translates to death (死). Her catholic up bring, embedded by her mother, conflicts with her desire for revenge. Ana finally confronts Masahiro Arashi but does not kill him. Ana leaves New York for a time shortly after this confrontation. Apart from being a warrior, Ana is also the manager of Oike Gallery in New York. Japanese culture is deeply embedded in the storyline. 

The comic series often touches on spiritual issues, especially as they pertain to Shi's mixed background: a combination of Yamabushi warrior monk traditions and Christianity. 

Created by writer/illustrator William Tucci. Shi first appeared in Razor Annual # 1 (1993) and has appeared in numerous books, including crossovers, by various publishers ever since, most notably the publisher Crusade Comics.