Shì and Zài fight like Rats and Cats - Important Rules (2 of 5)
Welcome to Part 2 of our series concerning "Zài". It means, simply put, In/On/At. Much like Am/Is/Are with Shì. In this video we will be looking at how Shì and Zài cannot occupy the same space with one another. To say, I am at home, is *not* "Wǒ shì zài jiā". This is a huge mistake in Chinese! Shì and Zài are like "Rats and Cats" in this regard. When you bring the locational cat "zài" into a sentence it will scare off the use of the rat "shì". The correct sentence for I am at home is "Wǒ zài jiā". To review this, and to make sure we understand what is going on, the fundamental rule is: Shì and Zài are enemies and you will *never* see these two words appear in the same sentence together. Shì is a useless word that doesn't get translated from English to Chinese when talking about where the subject is located. We understand that this can be very tricky, and if you have *any* questions, please ask! We want to make sure you have a clear understanding on these concepts!
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