Shield Classes 2017 Info Brochure
You are welcome to participate in the Historical Sword & Shield Classes 2017 in period costume in the most beautiful venue of the History Park Bärnau in the south-east of Germany. All seminars focus on single combat with shields and hand weapons, but duelling with spears will be covered, too, as a means to convey essential tactical and mechanical concepts. See photos of past classes in these albums here and here.

An info brochure is attached as PDF to this post. This should answer most questions, but  do not hesitate to send an email if you need any further information. Registration is open.

These are the weekend seminars offered in 2017:
Viking shield: 17/18 June
Kite and medieval triangle shields: 24/25 June
Small and medium sized triangle shields and bucklers: 22/23 July

NEW: The event design is available as a free download now. Find it attached to this post. The png file can be used to customize your sword & shield apparel. Upload the file to according platforms (e.g. Spreadshirt ) and get it printed on textiles or any other product on offer, such as bottles, cases etc.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have via email.
See you in the History Park Bärnau in summer 2017!