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Shift My Pitch Up (It's Christmas Morning)
Like most of my videos, this song was a number of different ideas coming together in one hypnotic groove.  Kim Foree plays the oboe and Simon Lace plays the guitar and manipulates the synth. 

 I recently fell in love with the tenor banjo because it can sound like a rabab, an oud, pipa, yueqin, kora etc... In other words the timbre of the banjo can mimic many stringed instruments from all over the world.   

I shot the video footage in New York and the creepy laughing dolls that you see are also sampled in the song.  The mannuequens and wind up toys  are tiny shout outs to my home town of Jackson Heights Queens N.Y.C.  

The kaleidescope footage was shot in Davis, Ca. and at home in Nevada City Ca. Pretty cool things happen when you like at a fire through a Kaleidescope. 

And the homage to the vocoder, santa clause and Christmas cheer was a joke, because Im not really a fan of those things at all.  So why not put them into a music video?