Shifting from Body Image to Body Awareness

A Celebration of the Sacred Feminine for Women...

Celebrate You!

Place a bowl or other pretty vessel on your altar or another sacred space in your home. Choose somewhere you’ll see it often, or somewhere private…whatever feels most comfortable. This vessel represents your sacred womb space, the home of your creative fire. Select a space of time when you won’t be disturbed and gather paper, scissors, and writing materials. (It may be helpful to cut the paper into smaller sections before you write.)

Now, let yourself love you. Use this time to write things you love about your body. Craft one onto each small piece of paper. Include words that cherish your femininity (artistic, sensual, strong). Write loving things others have said about your shape, your scent, your strength. Describe the ways your body allows you to experience sensory joys (sunshine on skin, laughter of children, breathing, sex!) Celebrate your uniqueness as you pour in words that honor nourish, and fill your cup. Choose your words with intention, honoring your feelings. Write stories you remember (the time you beat that boy you raced in 2nd grade!) Images are ok, too. This is in invitation to celebrate you; use whatever makes that possible (drawings, paintings, images from print sources.)

When the activity feels complete for now, stop. (There is no pressure to fill the vessel. Do feel free to add entries as they come to your awareness days, weeks, and years later.) Fold the papers and place them with loving intention into your vessel. Each of these slips is a reminder of the joys of being in this one beautiful body of yours, unique in all the world. Smile as you notice its presence in your home. Return to this vessel for reminders on days when unkind thoughts or words find you questioning your beauty. You are amazing! Sometimes it’s good to have a reminder of that simple truth.

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